A Person's Journey with Adult Case Management

“When I was homeless I began receiving case management from Community Care. There are so many ways that case management has been helpful. I was staying at a shelter. I had no money to move in here [to my apartment] and my case manager did so much for me during that first six months it was unbelievable.  She helped me with shelter plus care, helped me get food, helped me get a bed, helped me get clothes, helped me moved in, and helped me get the security deposit.  She helped me with so much.  I literally had nothing. In some ways I had sabotaged myself – I was afraid of success. And she helped me with that. And that is just a few things my case manager did for me.

[Recently] I am having some housing issues with section 8 and my case manager helped me get that all straightened out in an efficient manner. I have actually referred other people to you guys – I tell people if they need help with their day to day living, they can help you do just about anything you need help doing.  It can’t hurt to try [the case management service at Community Care ] – what are you going to lose?  You can only gain. It is really nice to have support, and I think that is huge.  That is the biggest thing the caseworkers do is give me support. Everybody can use support.  It’s nice to know that I always have someone on my side and that there is someone you can call who always has your back. I  have been lucky that Community Care  has been there for me.”