Our Donors

Thank you so much to our generous Community and In-Kind donors in 2016!

Beth Davis Jessica George
Bill Davis Jen Hopkins
Cake Concoctions Kaplan University
Dan Wellington Kathy Kaelin
Dawn Freeman Machias Savings Bank
Dawn Grover Shelby Raposa-Fike
Gary Sund Webber Group
Hannaford Employees of Hollywood Casino
Jeff’s Catering

Thank you to our generous Employees who donate to the Care Fund.  Donors in 2016 (so far!)

Kate Davis                               Tina Lytle                     
Randy Dow   Tracey MacDonald  
Heidi England   David McCluskey  
Dawn Freeman   Greg McElvaine  
Ryan Grant   Steve Reevy  
Tristan Greenlaw   Megan Ring  
Catherine Landry Sean Scovil  
Chris Libby   Jody Stevenson  
Michele Littlefield   Gary Sund  
Lisa Lynch    

Thank you very much to the following who donated to Community Care Day.

R&K Variety Blaze
Bagel Central Gary Sund
High Tide Bernice MacDonald
Hilton Garden Inn Maine Distributors
Woodman’s Grill WalMart
Hollywood Casino Sams Club
LaBree’s Bakery Girl Scout Troop 33 Bangor
Conant’s Orchards Frank’s Bakery 
Bell’s IGA

Thank you very much to the following who contributed in honor of dedicated Community Care employee, Kim Gaboury, who passed away last year

Alice Anderson

Andrew Koutalakis

Merlene & Norm Dow

Nancy and Maurice Cloutier

Wanda Herd

Ruth Ricker

Tammy Bradeen

Carl Vanderputten 

Thank you so much to our 2014/2015 generous donors!

Bill Davis

Berry Dunn http://www.berrydunn.com

yr Photography https://www.facebook.com/chelseacyrphotography

Jeff's Catering http://www.jeffscatering.com

Gord Fishell & Lori Stevenson

Healey and Associates http://www.healeyassociates.com

Hollywood Casino Employees

Hollywood Casino Corporation http://www.hollywoodcasinobangor.com

Tony Llerena Photography http://www.tonyllerena.com


Dan Wellington

National Media Service (Bernice MacDonald)

Chris Olmstead Photography http://www.chrisolmstead.com

Designated contributions from individuals via United Way

Individual Donors through Mission Fish and EBay Listings

Kevin Couture Photography  http://kevincouturephotography.com

Thank you to those who contributed to our All Staff Celebration on 10/26/15!

Jeff Ashey and Jeff's Catering, www.Jeffscatering.com

Paradis, Cake Concoctions and More, http://cakeconcoctions.com

Zeno, Candy's Sweet Treats, https://www.facebook.com/cakeconcoctionsandmorellc