More than 20 Years of Service and Support!

Community Care is proud to be celebrating 22 years of service and support to the children, teens, families, and individuals who need us throughout Maine!  In November of 1995, we began providing treatment foster care (under a different name) to a small number of kids in a small area of Maine.  We have expanded our services in scope, type, and geographical areas over the past twenty years.   We now serve children, families, and adults from Fort Kent to York to Greenville to Perry and everywhere in between!   We continue to serve children in the Treatment Foster Care program but we also serve children and families through our Community Family Support Services (CFSS/HCT) program, Outpatient Clinic, Targeted Case Management (TCM), and Alternative Response (ARP) programs.   We now serve adults in our Community Integration (CI) program, Behavioral Health Home (BHH), Outpatient Clinic, and Independent Living Program (ILP).  
We are extremely proud of what we do and how we do it.   We have achieved national accreditation because of our high quality services and strong support and leadership infrastructure.   We have been selected as one of the Best Places to Work in Maine for three years in a row—very unusual for a non-profit human service agency!  We put quality of service delivery, respect and caring of our clients and our staff first and we strive to do better every day.
Here's to the next 22 years!